Civillo introduces a third dimension

Throughout Australia, there is a growing need for engineers and other professionals involved with civil construction projects to be able to view design files in three dimensions.

Civillo was originally developed almost a decade ago to address a different ongoing need, that of time-consuming double-handling and error-prone communication. By allowing all stakeholders access to the latest up-to-date spatial data, everyone using Civillo is on the same page.

Civillo has always existed to help to solve problems as they arise and thus increases overall project efficiency.

Now the innovative Civillo developers are proud and excited to unleash 3D features and functionality. And existing Civillo clients have been quick in adopting and utilising the new technology.

For several weeks, the Civillo 3D features were explored by existing users and the preliminary feedback was extremely positive. The soft launch proved so successful that now the refined 3D capabilities are accessible for all new and existing Civillo projects.

Civillo clients can now view a range of three-dimensional features in their preferred web browser on a PC or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Solids and cylinders, along with polyfacemesh or even LandXML surfaces are now seamlessly and smoothly translated into the Civillo environment.

The new elevated Moreland Station design files in 3D alongside aerial imagery and other spatial layers.

“This was a considerable technical undertaking with almost two years of significant effort being poured into making 3D available for our users,” explained Andrew Gaussen, Civillo General Manager.

“Civillo clients have consistently explained to us the growing importance of 3D, so our team is proud and excited to announce this massive improvement which is now ready for them,” continued Mr. Gaussen.

“Civillo exists as a solution to real-world construction work-site problems, and our new 3D functionality helps make workflow easy and efficient.”

"Civillo exists as a solution to real-world construction work-site problems, and our new 3D functionality helps make workflow easy and efficient."

Andrew Gaussen, Civillo General Manager

Civillo is a solution-based application allowing users to import, amend, and share native CAD datasets without the need for costly licenses. Civillo users can work with high detail design drawings imported from native filetypes including DWG, DGN, and DXF formats.

There have been two particular aspects of Civillo’s new 3D undertaking that has been very well received during the trial stages:

  1. The ability for Civillo to now overlay aerial imagery alongside imported 3D drawings,
  2. The ability for Civillo to now apply the same measure and information functionality to 3D features, including 3D lengths and height separations.
Civillo announces 3D capabilities for all users and all projects.

The Civillo development team was also able to incorporate the importing and processing of 3D terrain models into this same updated release, sooner than expected. This allows for height information to be ascertained inside Civillo and additionally a powerful look at 3D models in conjunction with terrain surfaces.

With a commitment to constant innovation, the Civillo team has promised to continue listening to their users. With surveyors, engineers, and project managers all providing constant feedback the future is bright for all projects that benefit from what Civillo brings to the table, whether working remotely or on-site.