A project management solution using a blend of CAD and GIS.

One place for storing all your project data and resources, for easy access by your team members.

Vector data

Making your CAD data accessible on the map to your users is as easy as uploading it and creating a layer. Users can then use the built in GIS tools to query that data.

Aerial imagery

Add aerial imagery to help visualize your projects. Keep a running history of how your project looks from birds eye view. Don't have any aerial imagery? ThinkSpatial is a leading supplier of drone aerial imagery.

Document management

Store your documents on Civillo to be easily located by your users. Make documents available to any user on the project, or just users with access to specific data.

Multiple projects

Create an unlimited number of projects to contain and encapsulate your data. Assign users to individual projects. Seperate your data based on scope for easy tracking and control.

User permissions

Complete control of what each of your users has access to. Group your users into easy to manage groups and share resources with users individually or collectively at the click of a button.


Allows your users to create maps using any combination of data, imagery and map markup. Export your maps to PDF for quick sharing with users, project stakeholders or anyone.

Work Orders

Assign teams to work on tasks using work orders. Communicate with teams and upload files to your work order.


Take an unlimited amount of photos of places of interest on site. Add notes and information to your photos. Upload them to Civillo for your users to see. Photos are geotagged for easy reference.

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