Civillo Case Studies Melbourne Projects

Environmental Location Systems adopts the power of Civillo

During every stage of a large-scale civil project, it is absolutely crucial for all involved to know where the valuable services are located.

From accounting for underground gas lines, overhead electrical wiring or aging sewer pipes to working with surveyors and engineers to implement new design setouts, the latest spatial data must be easily accessible.

Stuart Miles, Business Operations Manager at Environmental Location Systems (ELS) happily explained the benefits of using Civillo for his business and its specialised processes.

Mr Miles believes that “you won’t find a better way to view your job site whilst boots are on the ground.”

It is the multiple-device portability that has made Civillo popular across many different civil construction projects and work sites since 2012. Originally developed by Melbourne based surveyors, Civillo was born from a need to be efficient.

Considering the importance of the role ELS plays on a civil construction site, ensuring all staff are always on the same page is imperative. Especially making sure that the datasets are up-to-date and consistent, which is the main strength Civillo provides its users.

" can see everything in real time; features, contours and underground utilities right in the palm of your hand..."

Stuart Miles, Business Operations Manager at ELS

ELS outline on their website that they “accurately identify subsurface utilities and assets using top of the range service locating equipment with accredited, professional and dedicated personnel.”

Civillo is now a proud part of that renowned ELS stable.

"Underground, understood." The motto at ELS (photo via their website at

Keeping things moving forward is a primary objective when marking and locating services whether they are as-built or design layouts.

When discussing the business advantages since adopting the Civillo technology last year Mr Miles elaborated by explaining that “Civillo is accessible via your mobile device and you can see everything in real time; features, contours and underground utilities right in the palm of your hand.”

The clever and simple motto adopted at ELS is “Underground understood” and Civillo helps ensure this quality service is maintained on site, at all times, for everyone.