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How John Holland Group is using Civillo to eliminate level crossings

With the help of mobile spatial technology and some considerable foresight from the Melbourne surveying team, certain divisions of John Holland Group (JHG) are now collaborating more efficiently than ever before.

Since the implementation of Civillo which brings the latest in civil construction project planning innovation, JHG are expertly attacking the removal of dozens of Melbourne’s most dangerous and crowded suburban level rail crossings.

Almost a decade ago, Civillo was born from the need to have all of a project’s up-to-date data loaded together inside the one single software resource. Advancements have now seen Civillo evolve into the ideal cloud-based solution for all workforces, even those that are physically separated with team members needing to work from home.

Civillo incorporates CAD and GIS files of different formats with other useful geo-referenced layers such as aerial imagery and map information. This creates a useful and comprehensive overview of a project’s spatial layout.

"Civillo has made my job easier because it's so versatile; you can utilise it within the civil engineering area, the resources area and also the HR area."

Stephen Meadows, John Holland Group - Survey Manager

Civillo allows all staff and stakeholders to access the same up-to-date datasets, thus JHG has experienced significant enhancements in workflow efficiency.

John Holland Group Survey Manager, Stephen Meadows explained that “Civillo has made my job easier because it’s so versatile; you can utilise it within the civil engineering area, the resources area and also the HR area.”

The key to efficiency is communication. Civillo ensures all spatial data is consolidated, current and consistent.

Map of current works taken from Level Crossing Removal Authority website (

Mr Meadows appreciates the time-saving power of having all of his staff on the same page. “The advantage of Civillo having all the features, all the design, all the as-builts in one area is that that you can access it and then easily send it out for people to utilise on (or off) site”, he explained.

Whether on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone Civillo is within easy reach of all JHG employees at any time of the day or night. Time wasted chasing the latest plans, design files or survey measurements is entirely eliminated.

JHG bring together all of their spatial data in one place for all staff inside Civillo.

Collaboration is powerful when it is undertaken effectively, and delivering to deadlines on large-scale civil projects is constantly a priority for John Holland Group. With Civillo on board, JHG are optimised, particularly in relation to their recent works removing Melbourne’s congested level crossings.

With progress now underway on the Upfield line in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs between Bell Street and Moreland Road, JHG continues to deliver and execute these complicated projects with clarity and accountability. Civillo continues to be a valuable partner in managing the vital spatial information.

(Main photo by Dean Bennett on Unsplash)